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Cheapest way to drive and save petrol, Low Petrol Consumption in East Coast Road, East Singapore for sale

Cheapest way to drive and save petrol, Low Petrol
Cheapest way to drive and save petrol, Low Petrol Consumption
Cheapest way to drive and save petrol, Low Petrol Consumption
Cheapest way to drive and save petrol, Low Petrol Consumption

CLEARING FAST MasterFuel XL for saving on Car Fuel, USA product Brand new in original packaging I bought about 100pcs previously for $180 each and clearing it at almost 50% of my cost, only 20-30pcs available. This product is made in USA and you can even buy directly from the manufacturer It is in Brand New condition. As you know, petrol prices has been increasing for years and only drop a little during this period of low Oil prices. If you commute everyday by cars or doing business with your vans or lorries, fuel consumption is a very important concern. I personally drives and many of my friends have installed this and save thousands a year on petrol bills. --------------------------------Product specs and features----------------------------------------------------- How does FuelMaster benefit you? Independent, U.S. EPA Accepted Lab tests for FuelMaster show an average of 11.6% better highway fuel economy. FuelMaster owners have reported and average savings of 8% - 18%. The environment is something we all want to take care of so isn't it nice to know you can do your part by lowering your vehicles emission pollution and save money at the same time using FuelMaster products?? Detailed Product Description 1.) FuelMaster is a fuel economizer and pollution reduction device which utilizes magnetic hydrodynamic technology to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. Mostly, engine combustion is incomplete due to the molecular clusters of hydrocarbon fuel. In normal cases, only about 70% of the total burnt fuel provides the real power, with 30% of the fuel wasted and carbonized. 2.) The FuelMaster is the solution to this problem. When the fuel is passed through the fuel saver, the hydrocarbon molecules are temporarily ionized and create positively aligned molecules. The ionized hydrocarbon fuel results in a complete combustion when in contact with the negative oxygen (air-fuel mixture in the engine). 3.) The growing population of motor vehicles contributes to air pollution worldwide. Our field trials clearly indicate that the FuelMaster can help in reducing a good percentage of toxic emissions. 4.) The installation of the XL FuelMaster is very easy. Simply surround the FuelMaster on to the fuel line, close to the engine fuel injector rail or carburetor, and secure it in place (at both ends) using the cable ties provided